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9 Holistic Solutions For Relief from Sciatica, Lumbago, Slipped Disc and Backache

Whether you suffer from chronic low back pain or you’ve recently hurt your back, you will know how that pain affects your daily life. Bye-Bye Back Pain: 9 Holistic Solutions For Relief from Sciatica, Lumbago, Slipped Disc, and Backache was written for those who

  • Suffer from chronic back pain and nagging discomfort that just won’t go away
  • Have noticed a little nagging back pain and want to prevent a serious outbreak of pain
  • Have seen multiple doctors, therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors, and your pain is still there
  • Want to decrease or stop taking painkillers for pain relief
  • Have had an injury and want to learn new preventative techniques
  • Have a loved one in pain and you want to guide them in their recovery

Dr. Grace Walker Gray, a physical therapist, occupational therapist, holistic healthcare practitioner, certified clinical nutritionist, certified master of herbology, and certified aromatherapist, has treated over eleven thousand people for back pain—including herself—using both traditional and holistic solutions.

Proven Holistic Solutions for Back Pain

Based on her extensive experience over thirty-five years as the owner of a large physical therapy practice where she and her staff of thirty successfully treated patients referred from over five hundred physicians, Dr. Walker Gray has identified nine proven holistic solutions to relieve your back pain without surgery or drugs.

Much of her holistic approach can be self-administered at home, saving you both time and money. In Bye-Bye Back Pain you will discover:

  1. Five do’s and four don’ts for back pain sufferers
  2. Exercises—twelve pain-reducing and core-strengthening exercises (and how to do them correctly), and three sit disc exercises
  3. Posture fixes and correct techniques for daily activities such as dressing, doing yard work, and laundry
  4. The best professional treatments and self-treatments for back pain
  5. What to eat to reduce your reliance on medication
  6. The role of aromatherapy and essential oils in reducing back pain
  7. Low-level laser treatments
  8. The potential benefits of applying cannabidiol oil
  9. Mindfulness techniques you can use during daily activity

Healthcare providers who are looking for new progressive holistic solutions to help reduce their patients’ low back pain and sciatica will also find a wealth of information in Bye-Bye Back Pain.

If you have ever suffered from back pain, this is a must-have, must-read book. You, too, can soon say, Bye-Bye Back Pain. Begin reading now using Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature and order your Kindle or paperback copy today.

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Rave Reviews for Bye-Bye Back Pain

"I recommend this book to any patients who are experiencing low back or sciatica pain, because like Dr. Walker Gray, I believe that holistic solutions combined with good, old-fashioned physical therapy get the job done."
-Jeffrey H. Bloom, DO, Family Practice Physician and Former President of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California

"Easy reading for doctors, patients, and everyone in between--especially for such a complex topic. The book is well balanced with exercises, stretches, recommendations for activities, and natural healing solutions. I recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing low back or sciatica pain."
-Dr. Ana C. Fajardo, MD

"Bye-Bye Back Pain offers an informative, valuable, and descriptive narrative on the misconceptions of back pain, as well as holistic solutions for relief. If you are ready to step out of pain and into a life of vibrant and thriving living, read the book and follow her advice. You will be glad that you did."
-Annie M. Fonte, MBA, CEO of Evolve Physical Therapy and consultant to physical therapists

"An incisive and breakthrough read for anyone who has suffered back pain in any form! Dr. Gray has cut through the haze of hurt that surrounds sufferers and shows the way out. This includes explaining why you hurt and how to infuse yourself with personal healing power through knowledge. Filled with therapeutic advice, helpful graphics, and fascinating stories, this book will change your life."
-Lisa P. Turner, DSc, MBA, author of Dream Take Flight

"Bye-Bye Back Pain provides methods of relief to sufferers of both acute and chronic back pain. This book has been authored in a most engaging way to address everyday challenges of living with back problems, whether you're a patient, a physician, a therapist, or a healthy individual who would like to sustain a healthy body."
-Dr. Reza Karkia, President of the American Institute of Higher Education Resources and Former Commissioner of the State of California Health Policy and Data Advisory

"I have been married to my Gracie for almost twenty years, but I get no sympathy from her when my back pain flares up. Why? Because she always says, 'Well, did you do the back exercises I gave you?' And when I say no, she responds with 'Well?' But she is right, because over the years Grace has given me many of the back exercises and tips that she is relaying to you in this book, and they invariably work (particularly the plank, but that's a tough one). Read this book--and utilize its exercises and suggestions--and you will agree."
-Judge James P. Gray (Ret.), author of 2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty

"Bye-Bye Back Pain covers every base in a straightforward, comprehensive way, including posture, exercise, body mechanics, and--often ignored--weight control. Anyone with low back pain will benefit from this straightforward, easy-to-read how-to book!"
-Clarke Smith, MD, FAAFP

In Bye-Bye Back Pain, Dr. Grace Walker not only dispels the myths and perceptions around the complications related to back issues but also, in easy-to-understand layman's terms, offers a systematic, step-by-step plan on how to improve back health, alleviate back pain, and re-engage safely with life.
-Cece M. Scott, author of The Love Story

"Bye-Bye Back Pain condenses Dr. Walker Gray's years of experience as a skilled physical therapist to dispel the myths surrounding back injury and help you get to the root of your problem quite easily. The book gives us a clear understanding of the importance of self-care exercise, activities, some do's and don'ts, and also covers laser treatments and CBD oil. Dr. Walker Gray relates engaging stories and provides useful photos and graphics to create a must-read for patients and therapists alike."
-Hal Shimazu, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, Irvine

"This well-illustrated book is filled with stories about patients Dr. Walker Gray has helped to regain full, pain-free function through physiotherapy and an appropriate exercise regimen. She also offers a blueprint of how to become fully fit and healthy, including a walking program and recommended daily activities (including Sit Disc exercises for computer users). If you are suffering from low back pain and are looking for advice from a dedicated professional with top-notch credentials and years of experience, then I highly recommend this book."
-Rosalind Ferry, Registered Physiotherapist, author of The Posture Pain Fix

"Bye-Bye Back Pain is easy to read, easy to understand, and sincere. It offers many holistic remedies and invites people to take part in their own treatments. It provides great visuals and her explanations are to the point. I love that Dr. Grace Walker Gray discusses CBD oil and herb treatments. You will truly enjoy this book."
-Nena Niessen, Certified in Nutritional Microscopy, author of Cures from the Kitchen

"Bye-Bye Back Pain offers an honest and innovative approach to healing yourself from low back pain. Dr. Walker's wise information is invaluable to everyone who is willing to take responsibility in their self-care. It offers helpful and creative suggestions for improving everyday living. I will encourage my patients, family, and friends to read this book!"
-Robin DeRose, Occupational Therapist

"Dr. Grace Walker Gray has written a fantastic book on preventing, treating, and healing low back pain. Her career as both an accomplished physical and occupational therapist has allowed her to pass on so many valuable insights and tips to the reader. So if you have suffered from low back pain, or are interested in preventing it, please read this book!"
-Michael Galitzer, MD, author of Outstanding Health

Dr. Grace Walker Gray has dedicated her professional life to evidence-based holistic health care. In Bye-Bye Back Pain she shares her vast experience helping those who suffer with lumbar spine pain, the most common cause of disability in the world. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to learn more about all their treatment options.
-Christopher J. Rogers, MD, Board Certified, American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (ABPMR)Founder, San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group

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